Medium and low voltage switchboards

IMEB manufactures medium voltage switchboards type LSC 2B-PM up to 36 KV, LSC 2A-PM up to 36 KV, low voltage switchboards type “POWER CENTER” and “POWER MOTOR CONTROL CENTER” up to 6300A with removable and fixed drawers with Apierre Martelli technology, also as internal arc proof construction. Completing the low-voltage switchboards are IMEB MODUL700 and MODUL 700PMCC technologies, which are also available in the variant with busbar system for assembler customers.

Supervision and control

IMEB switchboards can be implemented with supervision and control systems, BMS, SCADA, DCS, according to the customer’s requirements. This is possible thanks to professionalism, experience and skill of IMEB personnel and to product flexibility.

Customized projects and dedicated services

IMEB places customer needs at the center of its commitment, which is why ad hoc technical and commercial proposals are developed at the initial stage of the relationship. The company guarantees an after-sales service in Italy and abroad in a short time, thanks to the availability in stock of medium voltage equipment up to 36KV and containerized outdoor substations, complete with medium and low voltage switchboards, useful to assist the customer in case of sudden failures. IMEB also provides, in addition, the service of adaptation to the CEI-016 standard and to the resolution 84/2012 issued on March 8, 2012 drafted by the Authority for Electricity and Gas (Specification A70 issued by TERNA), by means of adaptation kits always available in stock