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Socomec manufactures highly reliable industrial UPS for harsh environments, from process applications to safety and emergency systems (EN50171), with high degree of protection (up to IP52).


Designed for the most demanding applications

  • Designed for the most demanding applications
  • Designed for industrial process protection.
  • Robust casing (2 mm thick steel frame)
  • Floor anchorage (to prevent swinging)
  • IP31 degree of protection as standard.
  • Dust and water splash resistant enclosure (IP52) for harsh environments with easy replacement of dust filters (optional).
  • Working temperature up to 50°C.
  • Wide input voltage tolerance from – 40% up to + 20% of rated voltage.
  • EMC immunity twice the international standard for UPS IEC 62040-2.
  • Double protection against voltage surges
  • Modular power stations, equipped with “hot swap” rectifiers
  • Extremely reliable and flexible modular UPS, built to last; sizes up to 600 + 50 KVA/KW

Absolute proven reliability

  • Power modules with MTBF exceeding 1.000.000 h; certified by independent bodies.
  • Power modules with integrated upstream and downstream galvanic isolation and quick fuses.
  • Intelligent selective disconnection of electronic parts: any potential fault is isolated within the affected power module, without affecting other modules.
  • Fully independent power modules with distributed parallel control (no single point of failure, centralized control).
  • Connection with redundant parallel bus (ring configuration).

Minimum MTTR

  • Quick and safe maintenance based on parts that can be hot-swapped (such as power modules, auxiliary network bypasses, electronic boards).
  • Full front access to all components and subassemblies.
  • Adding or removing power modules in as little as 2 minutes.
  • Self-configuration and automatic testing of power modules.
  • Automatic firmware alignment, regardless of version, without any human intervention.

Standard features

  • An intelligent and flexible transfer system that can be configured according to the type of load.
  • Compatibility between synchronous or asynchronous sources (configurable synchronization tolerance and switching management).
  • Design with or without protective fuses.
  • Detection of output fault currents.
  • Internal CAN bus.
  • Double maintenance bypass.
  • Double maintenance bypass. Oversizing of neutral for compatibility with nonlinear loads.
  • Integrated inputs, output switches and maintenance bypass (cabinet version).


Static transfer systems (STS) are intelligent switches that increase power availability by automatically transferring loads to secondary power sources when the primary power source fails or is unavailable. Range from 32 to 1800 A.